You have discovered the new Moline Library Adult Services Blog! Well done!

But we hear you saying, “Okay, and…?” You should be more excited than that, but it’s okay, we’ll work up to it.

After all, of the 175,000 or so blogs created a day only one of them is this one. It is a snowflake in the blizzard – unremarkable unless you pay close attention to it, at which point it becomes unique and memorable. What we are trying to say is, ‘Pay close attention to this blog!’

Will it be the only place for you to go for news about books and authors, reader’s advisory and genre studies, libraries and publishing? No. Definitely not. Will it be the best place for you to go for news about those things? Fingers crossed, but realistically… 175,000. A DAY.

But, we will cover all those topics and, more importantly, we will have news and information about this library, the Moline Public Library, your library. And we will be the only and best source for news about all that other stuff that you could technically find elsewhere and news about books, programs and events at your library. That’s one-stop-shopping, that’s convenience, that’s why you should keep coming back.


It’s a big deal.

There. Now you should be excited.


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