To appreciate audiobooks.

June is Audiobook Appreciation Month. I know, I feel bad about not appreciating audiobooks enough this month too. Luckily there is still a little time left in June.

I know. The fact that the book is making sound into to head phones doesn't make a ton a sense. Deal with it.And if you need help finding an audiobook to show your appreciation for you can always come to the library. We’ve got tons of audio books on CD and PlayAway. Or, if you are looking for something a bit more intangible, you can check out one of our e-resources catalogs and download an e-audiobook directly to your computer or digital device; our OverDrive, Axis 360 and Hoopla! collections all have e-audiobooks to choose from. Go! Appreciate! Before it’s too late!

And as an added bonus, as if you needed any more reasons to check out audiobooks, finishing an audiobook counts as finishing a book for our Summer Reading Program, so don’t forget to fill out your reading slips and bring them in for more chances to win our prize drawings!

“The only thing better than reading a good book is to have someone with a cool voice read you a good book while you are do something that would otherwise be completely monotonous and boring. Audiobooks are the only reason I have any clean dishes in my house.” – Me, just now.

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