And READING was the Game-O!

Who doesn’t like to play BINGO? Answer, no one.

The library does a lot of different things. Many of the newer things that we do involve media materials and computers and mobile, digital devices and so on and so on; and that’s all good. You want us to do and provide those things and we want to do and provide those things for you. BUT, even though we are far more than just books these days, we still love the printed word; the only thing we love more is getting other people into reading.

So let’s play BINGO!


You can print your own form by clicking on the following link, Bingo, or stop by the second floor of the library to pick up a form. For those of you that are up to the challenge of reading four to five books by the end of 2016, and not just any books but books that meet the necessary criteria, your prize will await you at the second floor reference desk. If you have questions give us a call at 309-524-2470 or stop by the Moline Library reference desk.


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