Welcome to summer! It’s not officially here until Summer Reading starts – at least not at the library.



SRP 17 AYA SRP Logo Blue

You can sign up online or in person at the library. For those of you that sign up in person, you will have a chance to pick a free book from our Free Book Cart (we came up with the name ourselves) just for signing up! Once you return your first reading slip you’ll get a coupon for a free library rental (any one thing that normally costs $1 to check out – so, movies and video games – you can check out free of charge)! Plus, that reading slip and all subsequent reading slips will earn you a chance at winning the drawing for a prize of your choice at the end of the summer. We have eight $50 gift cards to give away from different stores and restaurants.

Signing up only takes a minute and it could mean finding a new favorite book, plus tens of dollars’ worth of prizes.

If you’re going to read anyway you may as well try to get something out of it!*

I mean, aside from the satisfaction and personal growth that comes from reading, of course… said the librarian.

*Not the official slogan of summer reading.



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