9 Famous Independent Bookstore Coffee Shop Combinations

Coffee and books

Photo by Aga Putra on Unsplash

Books and coffee make the perfect match. There’s nothing quite like sitting down, sipping on a cup of joe, and reading an immersive book, all while breathing in the intoxicating aromas of crisp pages and freshly ground beans.

This perfect pairing has been realized by many others over the years – bookstore-coffee shop combinations have popped up all over the country, and are extremely popular destinations. Bookstore cafes exist in cities from coast to coast, so everyone has a chance to experience their profound magic. So, what are some of the most popular bookstore coffee shops?

Well, there’s Seattle’s Elliot Bay Book Co. and Little Oddfellows Cafe, which was Seattle’s first bookstore cafe. There’s also Powell’s Books and World Cup Coffee and Tea in Portland, Oregon – the largest independent new and used bookstore. And for fellow New Yorkers, there’s the renowned Housing Works Bookstore Cafe, which was featured in the HBO series, “Girls.”

Want to know more? Watch the video below to learn about nine famous independent bookstore coffee shops, and treat yourself to a latte and a new book in one closest to you.




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