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To celebrate here is a list of 10 great boxing books put together by Daniel Core at fightingreport.com.

16158559Undisputed Truth
Mike Tyson
Undeniably one of the must-reads for every boxer and boxing fan. Even if you’ve never boxed in your life, reading this book will ignite a new-found fire that will grow your interest in the sport. This book is about how one of the greatest in boxing has gone through stereotypes, controversy and obstacles to come out on top. After reading this book, no matter how hard you fall, you’ll get right back up with more willpower and determination than ever before.


33413883Ali: A Life
Jonathan Eig
A Tale as old as time. This famous story of Muhammad Ali touches on elements of bravery, wit and greatness – principles that should be key to every single boxer. Not only was Ali the most famous man on the planet, he got there through sheer determination and vigorous willpower in the segregated city of Louisville. Reading this will reveal a new light on not only boxing, but politics, religion and courage. This is the vest biography written on Muhammad Ali to date, uncovering several interviews and audiotapes – and it will surely leave you breathless.


23522313Championship Fighting
Jack Dempsey
One of the must-reads for any serious competitive boxer. This book focuses its scope on the realities of boxing and techniques that have given Jack Dempsey, one of the all-time greats, unparalleled success on and off the boxing ring. This book touched in-depth all the key things, from training and application to specific techniques such as stance, footwork and defense. Over a hundred years of vital lessons are packed into this one book and, whether an amateur or a pro, you will definitely improve by reading it.


773971The Fight
Norman Mailer
Both Muhammad Ali and George Foreman are specifically highlighted in this key book about two dangerous men who are larger than life and show it in the bowing ring. Mailer’s assertive prose suits the topic perfectly and really adds emphasis to a tale told as aggressive and breathless. The build-up leading to the fight, which is the main climax, does well to prepare the reader for one of the most inherently suspenseful and exciting events in boxing history. If you’re looking to learn more about the legacy these two men have places in the history boxing this is your go-to book.


3977220Four Kings
George Kimball
If two legends weren’t enough, how about four kings? These four fighters, Sugar Ray Leonard, Marvelous Marvin Hagler, Thomas Hit Man Hearns and Roberto Duran are exceptional boxers who have made their names well-known in boxing history. This book highlights their rivalry and fuel throughout the 1980s – notably known as the golden age of boxing. Anyone looking to learn more about the legends who have set the foundation for the sport should read Four Kings.


220472The Sweet Science
A.J. Liebling
The Sweet Science is another masterpiece that brings boxing to life in the vividness that it deserves. The book most notably focuses on Sugar Ray Johnson, especially in his heyday and tracks his progress on route to making history. Liebling thrillingly evokes an atmosphere in his writing that makes it seem like you were in the ring with Johnson. Many other names are also famously mentioned in The Sweet Science and it’ll appeal to anyone interested in boxing’s prestigious history.


293672Unforgivable Blackness
Geoffrey C. Ward
Another compelling read, this book is a vivid biography about the most celebrated boxer of his age – Jack Johnson. Johnson was also a victim of poverty and grief but became a legend by battling his way through obstacles that tried to chain him down. He lived in a world where segregation was triumphant and managed to find success and fortune within it. The story of Johnson is simply an “embodiment of American individualism” and we’re begging anyone who’s interested in heavyweight history to read it.


1999704The Last Great Fight
Joe Layden
Another phenomenal book about the biggest upset in the history of boxing. The Last Great Fight talks about heavyweight champion Mike Tyson during his 1990 run of success. With included interviews with Tyson, his family and his children – as well as the referee – there’s nothing you’ll be missing from the compelling tale of redemption.



926653Facing Ali
Stephen Brunt
Another well-written book about the Greatest that has ever lived. Brunt tells the story from the perspective of over fifteen different fighters who have all described what it was like to face Muhammad Ali int he ring, one on one. Each fighter has something unique to bring to the table, and the result is a vivid story about the most recognizable man in the 20th century.


2828711Dark Trade
Donald McRae
This is an enthralling tale about most of the entire history of boxing and its fighters. This absolute encyclopedia will help you grasp what you need to know about what makes boxing such an obsession for many, going through topics such as the lives of James Tony, Mike Tyson, Roy Jones and more. It’s quite a long read, but the excruciating amount of detail will help you uncover the truth behind the dark corners of boxing.


*We know that the today has nothing to do with the sport of boxing. But how often do you get an excuse to post a boxing book list.

Books to Film: Welcome Winter! Don’t feel like you have to stay long.

A Dog’s Way Home by W. Bruce Cameron

31702812A Dog's Way Home.pngMovie: A Dog’s Way Home
When it comes out: January 11
What the book is about: A classic story of unwavering loyalty and incredible devotion. After Bella is picked up by Animal Control because pit bulls are banned in Denver, Lucas has no choice but to send her to a foster home until he can figure out what to do. But Bella, distraught at the separation, doesn’t plan to wait. With four hundred miles of dangerous Colorado wilderness between her and her person, Bella sets off on a seemingly impossible and completely unforgettable adventure home.


Piercing by Ryu Murakami

14288Piercing poster.pngMovie: Piercing
When it comes out: February 1
What the book is about: In Piercing, Murakami, in his own unique style, explores themes of child abuse and what happens to the voiceless among us, weaving a disturbing, spare tale of two people who find each other and then are forced into hurting each other deeply because of the haunting specter of their own abuse as children.

Battle Angel Alita by Yukito Kishiro

844422Alita Battle Angel final poster.jpgMovie: Alita: Battle Angel
When it comes out: February 14
What the book is about: Daisuke Ido, a talented cybernetic doctor, finds the head of a cyborg in a junk heap. When he rebuilds her body, Alita’s only clue to her past surfaces-her deadly fighting instincts! And now she is determined to find out the truth about who she once was…


12948Image result for the turning 2019 movieThe Turn of the Screw by Henry James

Movie: The Turning
When it comes out: February 22
What the book is about: A very young woman’s first job: governess for two weirdly beautiful, strangely distant, oddly silent children, Miles and Flora, at a forlorn estate…An estate haunted by a beckoning evil. Half-seen figures who glare from dark towers and dusty windows- silent, foul phantoms who, day by day, night by night, come closer, ever closer. With growing horror, the helpless governess realizes the fiendish creatures want the children, seeking to corrupt their bodies, possess their minds, own their souls. But worse-much worse- the governess discovers that Miles and Flora have no terror of the lurking evil. For they want the walking dead as badly as the dead want them.


1098095Image result for the rhythm section 2019 movie posterThe Rhythm Section by Mark Burnell

Movie: The Rhythm Section
When it comes out:
February 22
What the book is about:
Stephanie Patrick’s world was destroyed by the Atlantic aircrash. Falling into a downward spiral of prostitution, drugs and drink, she is picked up by a journalist who has discovered that it was a bomb that caused the crash. And it is his murder that pulls her out of herself. The Rhythm Section is not a thriller about the hunt for a terrorist, although that is the path Stephanie takes, and it’s not a story about revenge, although justice for her family is her initial motivation. Rather, The Rhythm Section is the story of Stephanie’s attempt to reclaim herself.



Dunkirk Shelf End Ditto NU

For those that need a break from holiday merriment… in favor of grim, WWII drama.