Tour Karpeles Manuscript Museum!

Karpeles Tour

Join the co-director of the Karpeles Manuscript Museum and Library for a tour of their latest exhibit.

Registration is required.  Patrons will meet at the museum located at 700 22nd Street in Rock Island.  Patrons should wear walking shoes.

For more information about Karpeles, please visit

It’s Not All Bad: The Search for Rational Optimism in a World Saturated with Sensational Pessimism

Sometimes the world can be a worrisome, scary place. But maybe it is not as bad as politicians, pundits and news networks make it seem.

Good News

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

Here’s a quick list of books that highlight to good things, both in the world as it is right now and into the future that we will all be making and experiencing together.

Read and feel better about things.

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Listen Up: Why We Can’t Get Enough of Audiobooks

 Illustration: Christophe Gowans/The Guardian

In this time-poor, podcast-friendly world, audiobooks are booming. So what is the science behind them – and do they change our relationship with the written word?

Read the whole article at The Guardian to find out!

One small step for man…

Happy Moon Day, everyone!

Image result for neil armstrong moon

Fifty years ago, on July, 20 1969, the crew members of Apollo 11 became the first human beings to land on the Moon. 

Just in case that puts you in the mood to read about our closest celestial neighbor, here is a small selection of moon books for your consideration:

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Thursday Ditto

For fans of history, royal dynasties, court intrigue and politics.

The Romanovs Shelf End Ditto


music guild tour poster

As part of our “It’s Showtime at your Library!” summer reading program, the Moline Public Library is touring local theaters.

Join us as we tour Quad-City Music Guild, located in Prospect Park.

Registration is required.  Patrons should wear walking shoes and should meet at the theater.



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Celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Moon Landing!

50th Anniversary of the moon landing

Presented by the Popular Astronomy Club.

Program starts in the meeting rooms with a discussion of the night sky and the 50th anniversary of the moon landing.

Afterwards we will be outside in the back parking lot between 8:00pm and 11:30pm for crafts and activities followed by night sky viewing. Outdoor viewing will be rescheduled in case of inclement weather.

Folk Music Concert at the Moline Public Library!

ben bedford concert

Folk singer/songwriter, Ben Bedford, is a son of the heartland.  His easy listening music dips into American literature.  He writes and sings with the “old soul” quality of his literary idols such as John Steinbeck and Toni Morrison. Bedford has recorded five studio albums.  He has performed all over the United States in a variety of venues.

The Friends of the Moline Public Library Foundation sponsor the free concert.  The Information Desk phone number is 309-524-2470.



OOOOOOOO! AAAAAA! Photo by Jingda Chen on Unsplash

Time for some colorful, controlled EXPLOSIONS!

We hope you’re (safely) enjoying being independent from rule by an oversea monarchy with friends and family today!

The library will be open for normal operating hours tomorrow.