Moline News From The Past

Dug out by
Bob Conklin, Adult Services Librarian
 “Moline Dispatch Archives” database at

The Evening Mail
Saturday, July 25, 1914 page 8

Old Lettering is Laid Bare

Change in Old City Hall Reveals Date Painted on Wall Many Years Ago

“On the night of September 16, 1887, the members of Moline’s volunteer fire department held a celebration in what is now the Central fire station.  The volunteers had for some time used the building as their headquarters. Decision had been reached by the town council to use the building for a city hall and the volunteers were asked to move elsewhere.  They gathered for the last time in the old building on the night of September 16. One of the men painted in large lettering upon the wall “We Painted This Red, Sept 16   87.”  The wording was later covered when changes were made to the interior of the building.

Carpenters engaged in their present work of again improving the structure laid bare the lettering.  Before it is again covered with the white tile, which is being used for the interior wall Commissioner Eastman will have them painted upon the present date.  In years to come the building may be wrecked and the two dates will be found.  The red lettering found upon the wall is like a voice from out of the past and brings back memories upon the volunteers to guard against the danger of fire.”





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