Moline News from the Past

Dug out by
Bob Conklin, Adult Services Librarian
 “Moline Dispatch Archives” database at

Moline Evening Mail and Journal
Monday, September 9, 1912, page 3

Inspector to Check Wasters of Water

Commissioner Jahns tells Council, the People are Practicing Extravagance

To Curtail Sprinkling

Ask that Sprinklink System of Last Summer be Observed During Hot Weather

            Commissioner Jahns who has charge of the waterworks today at the  council meeting announced that again there is evidence of much waste of city water.  In fact, he suggested that if the waste could be checked in any other way, that an inspector be appointed whose duty it would be to patrol the city and report citizens who are found violating the city regulations.
            He further asks the people of Moline to observe the sprinkling
schedule of last summer during hot weather.  He says in part
            “The long, dry hot spell has so far increased the use of water that the demand is again in excess of the filtering capacity of the waterworks.  There is no doubt that if the use of water were confined to necessary or even useful purposes, there would be sufficient to supply all requirements. But luxury, extravagance and waste takes a great, if not the larger portion of our pumpage and from that cause many persons are deprived from water for absolutely necessary and useful purposes.
            “Many persons are innocently or thoughtlessly causing this shortage by misuse of water and it is to be hoped that this reminder will induce them to check their extravagant uses for unless they do, there will either continue to be a shortage or the city muse revert to the practice of former years of pumping raw, unfiltered water, with all of its consequent dangers of typhoid and other diseases.  In addition to positive waste through fixtures leaking or allowed to run, extravagant use is another reason of shortage and from sprinkling is perhaps the greatest, and it is requested that it be limited as was done last summer to Monday, Wednesday, and Friday evenings on the Hill, and Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday evenings down town, and that all citizens cooperate in every way to enable our filtered water supply to meet its necessary uses and thereby protect the health and welfare of our people.”

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