Beginning Monday, May 3rd…

The Moline Public Library is updating and expanding our current hours of operation!

Not quite back to pre-pandemic hours, but we’re getting there everyone!

And that’s not all!

In addition to changes to our building and curb side pickup hours, here are some other changes at the library that will take place beginning May 3.

Public Computers
Advanced registration will no longer be required to use the public computers (although patrons that want to can still make a reservation ahead of time). There will no longer be pre-scheduled session and break times, so patrons can use the computer whenever they arrive (until the computers shut down 20 minutes before closing). However, due to the limited number of computers available, patrons will still be limited to a single, 60-minute session per day. The responsibility for cleaning the keyboard and mouse will be on the patron. Wipes will be available near the public computer stations. Public computer access will remain on 2nd floor only (the computers in the Children’s Department will continue to be unavailable at this time).

Study Rooms
Study rooms will be available again. Patrons can use a room for up to 2 hours. There will be a limit of two people in the small study rooms and four people in the larger study rooms. Patrons will still be required to wear masks while in the study rooms. Wipes will be available for patrons to wipe down tables and chairs if they choose to.  

Recent issues of The Dispatch will be available to patrons again. Older issues and other newspapers will still be unavailable at this time.

Kits, Library of Things, Games, Puzzles and Puppets
Puzzles in the Children’s Department will be put out for the public to browse and check out. Puppets and kits will be available to check out upon request but will not be back out on shelf for browsing at this time. The Library of Things boxes and board games in the adult department will be on shelf and available for check out.

OPAC stations
A limited number of catalog computer stations will be available on both floors for patrons that want to search the catalog themselves.  Cleaning the machines will be the responsibility of the patron.

Java Lab
The cafe’s hours will be extended along with the library’s hours. Java Lab will be open Monday and Tuesday, from 9:00am to 7:00pm, and Wednesday to Saturday from 9:00am to 4:00pm.

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