Happy Eclipse Day!

Eclipe Again

Have fun and don’t burn out your retinas!

In fact, here are some tips to help you avoid the retina burning thing.

How to make an Eclipse Viewing Box

How to take a picture of the eclipse


Don’t look directly at it!

solar eclipse viewing

Sure there are other places in town to view the eclipse from… pretty much anywhere in fact… but you’ll be hard pressed to find a better place.

What’s this about an eclipse now?

EclipseI’m sure you have heard that there is going to be an eclipse in a couple of weeks… Unless you have been abroad or asleep for the last month and this is the very first thing that you chose to read upon returning/waking (I’m flattered), in which case here’s the gist; August 21, moon, sun, shadow. It’s a big deal.

While you are prepping your eclipse party and finding special viewing glasses, here is a quick list a eclipse appropriate tunes to get you in the mood for this particular astronomical event.

Songs to get you ready for total eclipse

Which is your go-to eclipse song? I’ve got to go with Bill Withers personally.