Murder on the Orient Express

Do you enjoy intelligent murder mysteries, trains, movies made from books about murder on trains, and/or anything by Agatha Christie? If so, here are some other things you might be interested in.

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Valentine’s Day Ditto, Just for You!

And all the other people who read this blog post…

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Enjoy Hillbilly Elegy?

Then here are some ideas for what you might to read, watch or listen to next?

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Did you enjoy Little Fires Everywhere?

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Maybe you already love audiobooks; been hooked ever since you got The Lord of the Rings on 13 audio cassette tapes for your birthday in 1987.

Or maybe you’ve just started to notice how many people seem to be listening to audiobooks these days. It may never reach the popularity of good old print (ink or digital), but the number of people that are discovering the convenience and appeal of having a book read to you while you drive/mow the yard/jog/wash the dishes/etc. is growing all the time.

If you’ve been curious but hesitant, there is no time like National Audiobook Month to try out audiobooks for yourself.

To help get you started, below is a list of the best audiobook recommendations for newbies from


Interested? Don’t forget to stop by the library to check them out on CD or to download the e-audio version to listen to on your phone or tablet.

Red Rising Ditto

Big fan of the series or pumpded about book 4, Iron Gold? Here are some others things you might enjoy.

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