incredible bats show

Come and see live Egyptian Fruit Bats and African Straw-Colored Fruit Bats!

Sharon and Dan have been promoting bat education through these presentations since 1996 with the goal of teaching and informing their audiences about the many benefits of this misunderstood and feared creature. Sharon is an elementary school teacher/ librarian. She has been trained by Bat Conservation International in the conservation of bats. Dan has over 20 years of experience caring for captive Fruit bats.

Why are Books That Shape? From Codices to Kindles, Why This Rectangle Stays Golden

Anyone who has ever tried to organize their bookshelves can tell you that books are not a standard size. In fact, even books that fall under the same category (mass market paperbacks, trade paperbacks, hardcovers) can vary wildly. It makes a perfectly matched shelf very difficult.

Despite all of those different sizes, though, almost all books have a certain proportion. From books that could hang off your keychain to dictionaries you can hardly lift, they are almost always rectangles taller than they are wide, at around the same proportions (width:height of about 5:8). And this isn’t a new invention of mass printing: according to The Book by Keith Houston, the oldest books in the world have about the same proportions, though they were often slightly taller than our books now.

Why is that?

Read the whole article at Book Riot to find out.

Explore the Sylvan Island Area!

sustainability program

Join us for a walking tour of six square blocks along the Moline-Rock Island border by the Mississippi River, commonly called the Sylvan Slough area.  Dr. Norm Moline, Professor Emeritus of Geography at Augustana College, will explain how this area has numerous examples of natural resource sustainability. Tour will be approximately 1.5 hours. Dr. Moline will be available for an optional tour of Sylvan Island afterwards for those who are interested.

Meet in the parking lot of Sylvan Island at 1st Ave & 2nd Street, Moline.

Registration is required.


Water Treatment Plant Tour with the Library

North Slope Wastewater Treatment Plant Tour

Join us for a walking tour of Moline’s North Slope Wastewater Treatment Plant.  Ever wonder what happens when you flush the toilet or dump something down the drain?  Learn how treating waste-filled water and sending clean water back into the river is essential for maintaining public and environmental health.

Meet in the parking lot at 007 1st Ave Moline – just north of the Metrolink Maintenance Garage and West of Trailhead Park.

Registration is required.

Sign up for online courses with your library card!

Gale Courses

Need to brush up on your MS Office skills? Practicing your creative writing skills? Learning graphic design? Looking for an introductory course on alternative medicine? 

If you answered ‘Yes’ to any of these questions, we can help. If you answered ‘Yes’ to none of these questions, we still might be able to help. If you answered ‘Yes’ to all of these questions… we can still help, but you might want to narrow your focus just a bit.

Welcome to Gale Courses!

Gale Courses SCGale Courses offers easy access to lifelong learning opportunities including professional development, technology, and personal enrichment courses by providing more than 365, six-week long online programs taught by college instructors who are experts in their field. The courses cover a wide variety of topics, arranged into twelve categories ranging from Accounting to Personal Development to Technology. All you need to sign up for any of the courses is your Moline Public Library Card number and the desire to learn and grow as a person. Or just a library card number. But it will work better with both.

You can find the link to Gale Courses on our website on our list of Online Resources. If you have any questions feel free to stop by the second floor Information Desk at the library and ask.


citizenship test preparation course JPEG

We’re offering two sessions of this free 8 week course series. One will meet every Wednesday from 6pm until 7:30pm, beginning September 4th until October 23rd. The other session will meet every Thursday from 10am until 11:30am, beginning September 5th until October 24th. These courses are open to anyone wanting to prepare for the United States citizenship test.

You must have basic English language skills.

Registration is required, as space is limited.

Underground Railroad Program

underground railroad program

In this collaborative arts and history program, Vocalist Tony Sconyers will begin and close this program on the Underground Railroad by singing a selection of Spirituals.  Angela Snook, Geneseo Historical Museum, will speak about our local region’s role in the Underground Railroad, including at least three known homes in Geneseo that were confirmed Underground Railroad hideaways.