The Only Stupid Question Is the One You Don’t Ask

That said…

It’s Ask a Stupid Question Day!

Burning Questions

Got any burning questions? … See what I did there?

Originally started by teachers in order to encourage their students to be curious and to think about and question the things around them, it translates quite nicely to a library setting.

Teachers in school teach in a proactive way, planning ahead of time what their students will learn and the best way to accomplish said learning. Librarians teach too, but we’re more reactive than proactive. We don’t plan out what knowledge to impart to people. We wait for them to come to us looking for a specific piece of knowledge and we either find it for them or help them to find it for themselves. So what better place to ask a “stupid” question than at a library?!

When did synchronized swimming become an Olympic sport? What are the origins of “Tuesday”? Why can’t I give my dog chocolate? What happened to the dinosaurs? What time is it in Dublin? Why do you drive on parkways and park on driveways? Whatever question you’ve got, come in to the library today and we will either find you an answer or do our level best to point you in the right direction.

Know anyone that needs computer help?

Computer ClassI’m assuming that most of our blog readers probably have the basics down, but if you don’t, or you know someone who doesn’t, don’t hesitate to register for one or both of our introductory classes today.

Mango – faster, fancier and more accessible than ever.

Faster Mango

Smoother speeds, safer access, striking contrast.

The Mango team has been hard at work on an update to your most-loved language-learning resource. Our desktop experience has been redesigned to be much more intuitive, while improvements to the interface will better accommodate the needs of all learners—and all at a smoother speed than ever before.

The faster speeds, cleaner connections, and optimized interface will ensure you get the best experience while using the Mango you know and love:

Icons_Gym Launch_Real-World Conversations@0.5x.pngPractical, conversation-based courses narrated by native speakers, structured using our linguist-approved methodology.


Icons_Gym Launch_Progress Tracking@0.5x.pngProgress tracking across devices.



Icons_Gym Launch_Free Mobile Apps@0.5x.pngFree mobile apps equipped with hands-free features for learning on-the-go.


Try the new Mango today. You can find it on the Moline Library website, under Catalogs & Databases. You just need your library card number to access it from anywhere.