Closed For Veterans Day

Veterans Day

The library will be open for normal operating hours on Monday, November 13.


Library CLOSED for Labor Day!

We’re closed today in honor of all the days we (and all the other businesses, factories offices, etc., of this great nation) are not closed.

Labor Day

We’re celebrating American labor by gathering together all of our non-working dependents and retired relatives and providing them with sustenance in the form of an enormous and bountiful barbecue. There could be a metaphor or message in that somewhere, but I’m off today so I will look for it tomorrow. Who wants a burger?

The library will resume normal business hours starting tomorrow at 9am.


Heart Books

Love books? Good.

Maybe we’re biased but we love people that love books. And today is your day!

Book Lovers Day is typically considered the day for people that love reading to celebrate their most cherished books, and that’s great, but let us not forget that it is called Book Lovers Day, not Book Day. So make sure to take a moment today to appreciate just how cool you are for loving books too.

And if you feel like showing that love by being surrounded by books, maybe even finding a few new ones that you didn’t even know you wanted to read, we’re open until 8pm. Feel free to stop by.

Book Lovers Day!

Yup, yup

You can probably figure out why this is a big deal for us.

If you are a book lover too but are struggling to find ways to adequately show your devotion to your favorite word and wood pulp sandwich here is a handy list of ten ways to celebrate National Book Lovers Day from The Huffington Post – we think number one is a particularly good idea.