New Ditto!

Did you know that the word ditto is borrowed from the Italian word for “said”, which was in turn derived from the Latin word for “said”? It turns out to have ancient origins; noble roots even. Classy.

Alexander Hamilton Shelf End Ditto


Picking your next book can be hard, right?

Don’t panic. We can help.

Library Concierge Form Header

We know what it’s like. You finally finish that 18 book mystery series, or binge watching your most-recent favorite TV show, or listening to the entire library of your favorite musical artist’s recorded work (even the later, experimental stuff with the weird theremin sounds constantly in the background), and then it’s like… Now what?

Well, now us.

Introducing Library Concierge!  Follow the link and your very own librarian will work tirelessly to find you books, movies, TV series and/or music that you will love… or like… or, at least, not hate. After you fill out a form. We know – there is always a catch. But it is totally worth it!



Revenge of the 5th!

You thought the Star Wars stuff was done with yesterday BUT the Dark Side needs a day too.

And don’t forget to keep reading! May is Get Caught Reading Month!


Darth Reads

Even Lords and Ladies of the Sith make time for books.


May the 4th Be With You!

And also, books!

Today, May 4, is Star Wars Day! Some of the uninitiated may be asking why. May the force be with you… May the force, May the fourth… Get it? Cool. It’s Star Wars Day!

May, as a whole, is also Get Caught Reading Month! So…


Participating in Get Caught Reading Month since the 80s Yoda has been.

Two posts for the price of one!

Get out there – or better yet, in here – and enjoy Star Wars/ read in public! Today would be great, but really anytime is okay with us.